Monthly Archives: May 2011

Outdoor Happenings

Every weekend people almost loves to hung out…

After office hours they even decided to stay in “resto bars” for unwinding as they said… Some are finding their selves just in the somebody’s place (house) to have a night swimming in the pool, or even those are food trip ping’s which grilling are the best part of it.  And what best part of it is also having outdoor fire pits which make the weekend total great..

A simple words to say….

Well even its not my birthday any more,

not my sissy joy and mean…

But the nearest to be a birthday blow out

is for Mean last May 10,

and our auntie garet just send us something to

buy this yummy foods…

thanks auntie garet….

you are the best….

more blessing to come… 🙂

Trim oFF

Let’s be true to our selves… Honestly speaking, losing weight is equal parts of common sense and effort…

Then obviously, make exercise a regular activity OK.. Event at the gym is not totally required, maybe a run with your dog will be a great idea. Have a habit of moving every day even every hour and not to sit at a desk all day long.

Read on some easy way tips to lose weight, diet supplements can be a great solution of course….

Cleansing is major role

The first reason always to be mention… WHY???

And of course many reasons. Number one is the lack of time to do an “exercises”, The next. ohhh… so i guess, “diet problem” and then even those busy person that got at home so late and didn’t even clean out selves before going to bed. But a problem should be resolved immediately and it is on the way of pronexin.

Still the best way is to manage cleanliness in our body,,,,.