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always be the problem

Unwanted object in the face is everybody’s problem, especially to teenagers, yup!  I’m talking about “P.I.M.P.L.E.” …. because I’ve been into that case.

The fact the you even try lots of brand just to insure to remove those iwwww things on the face. But sometimes because of using different brand it result to much bigger problem, and just ending up into the question how to remove pimples in easy and effective and non harsh and low budget costing.

But one thing I know for sure, just wash your face with clean and cold water two to three times a day especially in the morning and after going to bed and take fruits and drink more water. 🙂

Google PR update…

Its PR update once again by Mr. G

and Oh my god!

this is really a great day for my

I had this blog of mine since june 2010 and its a year now and its on

Free PageRank Checker
and I really thank Mr. G for having this rank.  My princesscj haven still remains at PR2 and happy for it.. 🙂 But sad part is my another blog doesn’t have the luck like this one.. My from PR1 now at PR0.. huhuhu,

Well, just life, I will do more effort to bring back its PR higher like the rest.. 🙂

Celebrity News Stories Work as a Stress Buster

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Celebrity news cover what a celebrity eat, what type of exercise he/she does and so on. In fact, whole thing about personal lives of celebrities come under the news. People love to read personal live of celebrities. They also want to know how they live and how they spend their money. Through this segment of news, you can abreast with various pieces of news whether they want to share or not.

TV ratings show that celebrity news getting more viewers than other segments of news. All the people- either qualified or not- love to know about the personal live of successful persons. Most of the leading websites, like, come with a segment of celebrity news that can satisfy the crave of news concerned celebrities. They update their news stories on a regular basis; hence browsers find quality news within the least time.

Revolution in the news industry

With the advent of the satellite and internet, it has become very faster to get various types of news than ever before. Most of the leading news providers compete with each other to bring the latest news about all the hottest stars.

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If you are keen to get updated with latest news updates, then you can make an extensive search through the internet to find numerous web portals which provide all latest news without being delayed.

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