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Convertible dress

The convertible dress is versatile for all occasions.

What can be better than a dress that can morph into many dresses and still be economical? When considering a convertible or “infinity” dress, the most difficult decision you may still enjoy making is which brand to buy or which color to choose. The convertible dress transforms into different styles, simply by changing, removing or twisting the straps. The convertible dress can be worn with jackets in the cooler months if the dress is the appropriate fabric and in the summer months as well.

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open up

They say that “People who listen to several different genres of music tend to be more honest, loyal, have great decision to make and intelligent one”.  How about you would you agree to this kind of disposition who ever made this quote?  Well,  what I know is that music makes people happy, sometimes sad and mentally and spiritually emotional,  although I know that they are much more open minded.  And if ever this is the only way to show and open up feelings to music then I must Join now. Count me in.. Because I really love music.

Wear a Peplum

Wear A Peplum To Perfect A Pretty, Polished Office Ensemble | Casual Office..

So what is it exactly? The peplum is a short overskirt or ruffle attached to a fitted garment. It can be separate from a jacket or skirt or (more commonly) sewn on. Don’t let the drama fool you: Despite its scene-stealing tendencies, the trend’s surprising versatility and flattering silhouette are the reasons it keeps coming back.


Pep up your party wear with a polished peplum top/dress for a seriously striking silhouette. The form flattering style with flirty frill, choose from bandeau necklines and bodycon fits to must-have midi lengths and pin-perfecting mini’s. Pair this classic cut with killer court heels for a transitional tailored look that will take you from desk to dance floor in style.


using blazers….. i guess?

Blazer is a type of …. hmmm jacket resembling a suit coat cut more casually, typically with metal buttons.  It is usually durable , as it is intended as an outdoor jacket. Stylistically, this  often are uniform garments, e.g. for airline, school, and yachting and rowing clubs.Generally distinguished from a sportcoat as a more formal garment and tailored from solid color fabrics.  Often made with naval-style metal buttons, reflecting their historic boating club association.

blazer, stripes, and navy pants…not usually into blazers, but I like the look of this one.