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Keep Yourself Updated About Latest Celebrity News And Gossip

celebrity news
by gnuckx

People have always been interested in knowing about the latest celebrity news and gossip. This is one thing that has never made people grow tired about. People always find out ways to know more about their favorite stars–their personal lifestyles, their dressing habits, their love life etc. They look out for latest celebrity gossip news just to be updated about their favorite stars.

Celebrity news and gossip has been the most searched topic in web. About millions of people worldwide are interested in knowing about the private life of Victoria and David Beckham, the way how Angelina as well as their children spend out their weekends, who is the new man in life of Madonna or the way in which Charlize Theron spends out her evenings.

The question that you may ask now is how to keep yourself updated with the latest celebrity news and gossip . The answer is very simple. Before it used to be the fashion and celebrity magazines that helped in knowing a lot more things about the happenings in glamour world. But now, with passage of time, it has been the Internet that has helped people in keeping themselves updated about the latest celebrity gossip news.

Now other than celebrity magazines, it is the different celebrity news and gossip websites that enable the people in developing ideas about their favorite stars. These websites provide readers with detailed and ample celebrity gossip materials. So, if you are keen to know more about your favorite star, then surely visit these websites and keep yourself updated about the latest celebrity news and gossip.

Celebrities are popular personas. So, it is quite normal for people to be keen about the happenings of their personal lives. A very small piece of happening of their life can turn out to be a latest celebrity news and gossip for readers. Gossip is however nothing but just a mere news about popular personalities. But in few cases, both of them differ.

News is anything that takes place currently. News is generally published in papers, Internet and broadcasted in television and radio. Celebrity gossips although come in same form but are more read through Internet. News can be about anything and everything but gossip is mainly focused on any specific issue about popular personalities. News caters people on anything under sun such as current events, art, politics, music, technology, entertainment, medicine etc. Gossip is a part of news and not vice versa.

Nowadays the latest celebrity news and gossips are brought forward to people through upstaged celeb photographs by the paparazzi. It is the paparazzi that have a great role to play in letting the people know about the life of different celebs. In most of the cases, the speculation and rumors start from these very malicious photographs that are posted on the net. The readers and viewers look at these photographs and then start spreading the rumors and gossips about the celebrities. – FOLLOW US! If you’re a Miley fan, you better listen up! Cyrus needs your support. Get the details right now! Poor Miley. In a recent poll, the Disney superstar got named something pretty darn bad and we’re looking for people to defend her. Hey guys, I’m Dana Ward at the Clevver TV headquarters and we just received word that Miley got voted as – take a deep breath – 2009’s worst celeb influence. That’s right, it’s probably not a win that the singing-actress is proud to earn – nor is it anything like her impressive number-1 song downloads, sold-out concerts and crazy-popular Hannah Montana merchandising. But the AOL poll asked readers ages 9 to 15 years old and they chose Miley as the worst Hollywood influence. So it wasn’t even adults or parents who picked! We’re wondering WHY there are so many haters out there… not just the obvious grouping of the media, but what about fellow kids and teens? I mean, Miley is actually setting records with all of her careers accomplishments, and hey, she’s a teenager and bound to make a mistake or two, so why is everyone hating? Do you guys think that maybe some people are “closet fans” who actually like MC but choose to hate simply because they’re too cool for school? So the main happenings with Cyrus that were likely the reason she received so many votes for worst influence of 2009 are likely her suggestive Vanity Fair covershoot, the “stripper pole” performance for the Teen Choice Awards and her “slanty eyes” photos with

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How to Calm Sensitive Skin?

Take it from the experience.  As I read this nice tips and review from a beautiful actress.

Brains Behind the Beauty: Jennifer Yen

While playing a TV villain, Jennifer Yen found inspiration for a natural beauty line that taps into her grandmother’s home remedies for calm, glowing skin.

By Alexis Farah

The inspiration for the Pur~lisse line of natural beauty products could not have come from two more diverse influences: Power Rangers and founder Jennifer Yen’s grandmother.

First, Power Rangers: Yen is an actress who got her start on TV playing Vypra, the show’s villainess. The series was an unforgettable experience for the Taiwan-born Yen, but her character’s thick makeup was an occupational hazard for her complexion, leaving it irritated and lackluster. To find a solution, she did what most women would do: scoured drugstores and department stores.

power rangers costume

“I tried all the ‘latest and greatest’ products, and nothing worked for my sensitive skin,” Yen says. That’s where Grandma came in: “As a last resort, I started using my grandmother’s tried-and-true skin care rituals. Turns out they worked beautifully.”

Those rituals made use of white tea, soy milk and blue lotus — all ingredients used daily by Yen’s family when she was growing up. “I would always get cuts from riding bikes and climbing trees,” she remembers. “My grandmother would use white tea instead of rubbing alcohol to disinfect my wounds and soothe my irritated skin.” All the women in Yen’s family washed their faces with soy milk “because they believed it left them with a creamy, supple appearance.” Blue lotus, meanwhile, was a staple of the family’s diet. “To this day, the women in my family have beautiful, thick, high-quality skin and barely any wrinkles.”

Yen — whose first experience as a beauty authority came at age 7, giving perms to her friends, grandmother and aunt, and even coloring her grandfather’s hair — aspired to share this secret concoction with others enduring the same frustration. “I wanted to take what I rediscovered from my grandmother and fuse her rituals with advanced skin technology,” she says. “So I partnered with a world-renowned chemist and created Pur~lisse.” The name, translated from the French, means pure and smooth — an apt description of how Yen feels healthy skin should look.

Pur~lisse, an age-prevention solution for sensitive skin, is infused with an exclusive Lotus Lupine 5 complex — a blend of five key ingredients, including blue lotus, soy, white tea, seasilk (a blend of French marine plants) and lupine peptides (derived from the lupine flower) that combines powerful antioxidants, vitamins and peptides to keep skin youthful, beautiful and healthy. Because sensitive skin can often tolerate only the most basic ingredients, the line is free of parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic color and fragrance, phthalates, sulfates, hydroquinone and triclosan. Why use it for your own skin-care regimen? Because, says Yen, “my wise, soulful and beautiful grandmother’s wisdom and passion is in each bottle!”

Yen shares her other tips for looking beautiful:

  • Get lots of sleep, take long nature walks and practice yoga.
  • Drink water with lemon — Yen believes this detoxifies your body, aids with digestion, purifies the blood and relieves bloating.
  • If your skin is sensitive, limit exfoliation to once every eight to 14 days, she says. “Avoid harsh physical exfoliants such as nuts and shells, and instead mix a half-cup of sugar with olive oil to exfoliate and bind moisture to your skin.” She suggests rinsing off the mixture, applying freshly squeezed lemon juice (which has natural alpha hydroxy acids to gently exfoliate) with a cotton pad, leaving it on for five to seven minutes and then moisturizing.

Learn more about Pur~lisse and the product line at


Finding The Clue To The Growing Fascination Towards Latest Celebrity News And Gossip

celebrity news
by gnuckx

Celebrities live a life like a fairy tale. They have everything starting from fantastic homes, pricey cars and a lifestyle, which is finest in every form and way. This is the reason, why common people often fantasize the lives of the celebrities and in order to get the most of the life and lifestyle of the celebrities, they keep a stern eye on the page 3 of the newspaper and different magazines to have an access to the latest celebrity news and gossip.

The celebrity news and gossip hit the home page of the innumerable entertainment sites at regular interval and people can well have a clear glimpse of their lives instantly by going through these latest celebrity gossip news. The next question is that how the readers can confirm that whatever information they are receiving is true and reliable or not. There are some magazines and many websites, which act as trusted source and frequently produce controversial pieces of information that tops the list of latest celebrity news and gossip. Many a time the gossips offer a poor representation of the life of the celebrity and that is the reason why they bluntly deny the fact and their representatives do the same. That’s why it becomes difficult to confirm the truth lying in the news, as they are out and out reluctant to extent co-operation to the media outlet. Therefore the fantasy playing in the mind of the people continues.

Now, if you will peek into the root of the fantasy then you will understand that why the greatest part of the world population is so much intrigued about the lives of the stars. The reason behind this is that most of us are often fascinated about a life, where nobody is ever worried with any petty issues, such as; paying the bills, decide the menu for dinner. We often wish to live a life king-size, availing the best of the apparels to the best of the apparels. Even the perfectly maintained figure of the stars fascinate us and we dream to work out with their personal trainers but unfortunately, our dreams seldom meet the light of fulfillment. Therefore, more the people fail to accomplish a life that resembles dream more they get inclined towards the fairy tale life of the celebrities. The latest celebrity news and gossip connect them to the dream and help them to re-live their desires.

It is mostly the young generation, especially the teenagers who get more attracted to the celebrity lives. The various aspects of the personal life of the stars captivate them. Isn’t it somehow true that all of us are bit envious about the lifestyle of the celebs. Therefore the different gossip magazines make it their motto to follow the celebrities everywhere to gather the maximum range of information about their daily activities in order to increase their circulation and to give the public a taste of the life of their dream prince and princesses. Thus the celebrity syndrome continues and you love, hate and adore with your favorite celebrities and live happily ever after with them.