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Nuffnang Celebrates BlogDay!

Dear Nuffnangers,

Have you been sparked with a new blog post idea while taking a shower? Perhaps you whip your phone out to take pictures every few minutes, thinking, “This is so going on my blog”? Or you start experiencing withrawal syndromes if you go even a day without blogging? Well, congratulations! You are officially a blog junkie. ?

With the love of blogging running deep within all of us, there are of course, blogs out there that inspire us; wouldnt it be great if we could share those blogs with everyone? Thats the idea behind Blog Day!

Blog Day was created with the belief that bloggers should have one day dedicated to getting to know other bloggers from other countries and areas of interest, and Nuffnang is proud to be celebrating the 6th Blog Day on 31st August 2011!

On Blog Day, bloggers will post a recommendation of 6 new blogs, and this way, everyone will find themselves discovering new, previously unkown blogs thanks to the viral effect of social media. Sounds great, doesnt it?

Find out here how you can be a part of Blog Day 2011!

And the best part about Blog Day? You get rewarded if your recommendations get us raving over new awespme blogs! The Nuffnanger with the best recommendations will be our Featured Blogger of the Month for the month of October and all the frills, bells and whistles that come with being the Featured Blogger of the Month. Yes, you read that right! But wait, theres more! The winner will also have a radio guesting courtesy of our partners over at the Wake Up Show w/ Vince and Tracey at Mellow 94.7! Now isnt that something worth blogging for?

The deadline for submissions is 11:59pm, 31 August 2011, so hurry, go out and discover blogs  now! Happy Blog Day to all! =)

The Nuffnang Team

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NOTE: Just sharing and I am happy to be a NUFFNANGERS,…

Surigao Getaway

Looking for a total unwinding place? Then be in a Surigao Getaway at Club Tara Island Resort..


Aladdin did not win Jasmin over a magic carpet ride. What the movie did not show was that he actually brought her place so enchanted and mesmerizing, the princess forgot the fact that his only friends were a monkey, a carpet and a blue man.



Club Tara Island Resort, mirrors the “One Island, One Resort” concept of the Maldives. It is surrounded by hundreds of both big & small lagoons, where mermaids and friendly fish swim and dance spontaneously. Experience and enjoy Sohoton Cave, a half-submerged cave accessible only during low tide. Meet and greet jellyfish at the Jellyfish lagoon, and bird watch while paddleboat riding in the lake. Island hop to witness the wonders this wonderland offers -uncover stalactite and stalagmite marbles and countless stone formations in the Bolitas and Crystal caves. See the Tiktikan Lake, the splendid inland lake in Bucas Grande Island, the waterfall and the beautiful mangroves. Tour the Naked Island, and witness nature at its finest. Then after each day’s activity, feel like an island royalty in one of Club Tara Island Resort’s luxurious rooms. This beautiful resort boasts ten units of water cottages with Jacuzzi baths where Sweet Deal holders can relax and simply enjoy the scenic view the resort provides right outside the window. Club Tara Island Resort also offers delectable menu sets: seafood, pork, beef and vegetables, all served fresh and scrumptious.



After I received this e-mail courtesy of Groupon, I feel I am in this place… Pictures are totally unwinding what more if you truly reach the place.

If you love to go their is a nice promo from Groupon P15500 instead of P31000 for a Surigao Getaway for 2: 3D/2N stay at a Jacuzzi Water Cottage + Sohoton Cave tour + complete meals.

  • Includes poolside candlelight dinner
  • Includes welcome drinks
  • Use of yacht bar and pool side bar
  • Rendevous in a private beach
  • Includes Jellyfish lagoon tour
  • Includes Sea Kayak, Peddle Boat and Snorkeling
  • Complete meals
  • Ideal couple’s escape
  • 10% off for succeeding nights

Lets dive in into the nicest underwater I saw… Thumbs up to the place even though I never been in the said resort.

visit Club Tara Resort Surigao Bucas Grande Island , 8400 Surigao