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Massage Therapy Classes Importance

Learning is very important, even in takes in a long time run.

It is depressing that a number of joblessness agencies are daunting various jobless workers from going back to school to learn massage therapy and be able to work on massage therapy places. These ideas only mean that in the extended lope of fewer people will be enrolling to learn massage therapy and techniques in massage therapy which is not that bad for colleges who are just seeking for money and not for funding education.

But, if we are thinking on closer look, this idea is not that good for small business of massage centers. Even we looked on job creation since there will lesser number of people who are having education on about massage therapy. if we will think about it, a businessman who will open for a small massage center, he is into employees with learning about massage therapy in order to have proper certifications to run the business. Our economy needs small businesses of course, because it can help for the outgrowing economy status. But if there are people who can’t study the massage therapy because of its long run classes, they will be discouraged to work on massage centers and be currently unemployed.

Massage therapy classes are way up to success for people nowadays. The small business can make a state in great status and the idea that instead of encouraging people to learn and study to enhance their potentials, the actions of government employees who discouraged them is a disgrace obviously. They cannot decide for what a person wants if he is into studying again into massage therapy classes.

These people who discouraged number of people on going back to study must recognize the importance of learning and the potentials of people. It is very important for people to learn things from professional therapist who and helped them learned techniques that can be applied into real massage centers. Thus, education is still important. We can see the vitality of learning from ones success.

So, as we can see, learning and enhancing your potentials is very important. Learn how to do it and be the best as you can be as long as you can stand and go with the intense flow on curriculum of massage therapy education.

Proud Mamu Garet… :)

Congratulation to her youngest daughter marjorie (my cousin)..

for achieving the highest rank position in grade 6…

(as being the FIRST HONOR student)….

this picture was taken  during the recognition day program in

Tonoton Elementary School Piddig, Ilocos Norte, April 4, 2011

(it was then my elementary school Alma matter.. 🙂 )

and the graduation day

April 5, 2011

the proud and charming mamu.. 🙂


awarding of medals….

singing their graduation song..

receiving the diploma…. 🙂

delivering the valedictory address… 🙂

proud family…. 🙂



Birthday Gift Baskets

I forgot my aunt birthday yesterday…. waaaaa… because of being busy at work I didn’t open my e-mail and facebook and my phone is in silent mode so I did not see the event. Although she is in other country right now, a simple greetings I think for her its ok but thats the problem I forgot it.

Next week she’s going home for her vacation I think I need to make up to her before she got huff on me.. hehehe. A simple belated presence maybe like those delicious fruits that is perfect to her diet which will be put in a Birthday Gift Baskets to look presentable and yummy. lol