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Friday Photo Flashback


Friday Photo Flashback


College life…

If I am not mistaken I was in the 2nd level in college

This was taken during our Foundation day

and we were representing our club

The ROTARACT club of Adamson University

we got the 2nd place in the cheering competition

guess where I was…. ?

IĀ  am in the middle beside the lady holding the banner

Lolz… I am the one in red shirt.

just hanging with neighbor friends..

Nothing much with

this photo but,,

it is because my baby is excited to have some

picture taking with her friends

(our neighbors children in pampanga)

this photo was taken almost one year ago

it was my sister-in-law

birthday celebration.. šŸ™‚

pretty cute is in it?

and of course with her cousin

(the one seem not totally looking in the camera). šŸ™‚

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Friday Photo Flashback

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