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Exciting Gazelle

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Extra incentives to trade in for an iPhone 6!
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Are you burned by the promise of ultra low-cost $ 35 tablet PC?

India has a prototype of the cheap computer, and plans to roll the real thing out to Indian schoolchildren and higher education students in 2011. It’ll have a Linux-based operating system, a USB port, a 2 GB memory card and other unspecified specs, the Guardian reports. Sibal detailed some of the specs of the touchscreen tablet, including web-browsing, video conferencing, and PDF reading.

I’ve got to admit, as cool as something like this might be, it seems a little too good to be true. This low-cost $ 35 ?tablet PC has been developed specifically with students in developing countries in mind. Another bonus: for an additional fee, they are offering a solar-powered option. I’m all for cheaper computers, and making sure that they get in the hands of as many people as possible. But, just don’t start drooling on it yet, the Indian government plans to make this device available by mid 2011 to the students of universities only. There are no plans to bring it to the retail market yet and even if it comes out, the price of the device will be much higher than $35. The cost is heavily subsidized for the students and hence the government is hesitating to bring the tablet to the general public. Or there is a possible that can something that cheap be any good? Maybe it just a way to grab a headline.

We can just make an assumption about that the price will not grow much, but as fascinating as the super cheap laptop concept may be, there’s always some snag, gotcha or fatal flaw that prevents the promises from matching up with reality. Can you remember that the case of One Laptop Per Child? The goal of a $100 laptop was never achieved. Even in the second-hand eBay market, asking prices are closer to $200. Earlier this year, a website claimed to offer $98 laptops running Windows CE, but that site is now defunct. Another company called Cherrypal has tried making a name for itself with dirt-cheap laptops, like the 7-inch model running Android for $100, but getting one can be a hassle, as one customer has documented.

India wants to get the price down to around $20 in order to sell the tablet at home, but to do that, the country either needs to subsidize the cost itself — a tall order with 110 million kids targeted in the initial roll out — or convince manufacturers to set higher prices in the developed world. In other words, the $35 tablet’s manufacturing cost alone would be more expensive outside of India.

If you have been burned by this ultra low-cost $ 35 tablet PC and not buying it yet, for it just do not know the time to market, you can just choose the google Android tablet PC that cost less than $100, which are so hot sellers now. It is said, so far, the cheapest device in the category is of Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) laptop unveiled five years ago with a price tag of $100. Marvell Technologies is developing hardware for the OLPC tablet named the XO-3. However,don’t you know that PickEgg, a cool gadgets wholesaler,which offers the $85.99 for all the world’s customers with free shipping! This is a 7″ touchscreen Google Android Apad Tablet PC, I have to admit that this is the world’s cheapest tablet PC. There are even other Tablet PC with 7-inch touchscreen Via m8650 ARM11 800MHz 256MB/2GB Google Android 2.2 MID system, sold at the price of $98.89. Why people are still waiting for this unknown $35 tablet PC to come to the market with much higher prices?

What do you prefer?

From the day I was born, I know we have already a Television in the house.  If I am not mistaken I remember those black and white television and if you have a 11 inches colored TV then you are fabulous… lol

But now that we have a great source of technology.  Incredible and a wide selections of  ” télés ” are tremendous. LCD, plasma, LED or a 3D awesome.  And its up to you what brand do you prefer either.  And the bigger Television like a 52″ 3d you get the better viewing with the family… Just like viewing in a cinema everyday i guess.. lol

iPod Touch Apps

I am so very amaze when i saw this ipod touch being introduce into the market.  As i have it on my bare hands you can really say that it is so very high tech and very high speed using this gadget.  Using the iPod Touch Apps are really convenient and can really tell its for every body’s gadget best friend now.