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Buko king…

Having a camera is other hand its a good thing… As I editing my files here in my laptop I found this picture of my hubby last year Summer Vacation, actually it was our company outing and can bring two family members with you, so Hubby and my sissy joy is with me..

And at the resort of our Boss at Camarines Norte, is the place to be… As we arrive their we noticed of course the nice view and so many coconut trees, that is why hubby got this picture…





It was a great experience….

Hope our Boss will set another vacation for us here in his Resort… 🙂





swim tayo…. :)


when i we still kids… we always go to river to take our swimming session… even when we where in the school we do cutting class just to have smimming in the river… hehehe….

many years past by and now i’m back take swimming again but this time together with my hubby and our little precious cj….

lovelytwitz 🙂