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Language of love: To all the Moms Happy Mothers day

Her touch brings smile to my face,

Her thoughts are now my wisdom,

Our love for each other is immortal,

Her memories are my strength,

She is my guru, my god and my world,

She is my mother.

When I touch her feet to get blessings I feel as if I am near to god.

God could not always be with us and maybe that’s why he made mother.

We have promised before holy fire that we are for each other for not only this birth but for seven other births

I cannot see my world without her

She is my happiness, she is my joy, she is my love, she is my wife and she is my life

I don’t know how much I love her but I cannot visualize life without her

She is soul of my home and her presence energizes my family and my home

She is home maker, she is a professional but before that she is my love, she is my life and she is my wife

Love needs no words, no expression, love happens and when it happens it makes you selfless before your love.

He is the foundation of my family

He is the courage, he is the strength and he is strong pillar of my home

He taught me to become brave, to become tough and not to fear any challenge of life

He is selfless he is hard working he is tough but then he has a soft heart which cares for me and which loves me

He cannot express his love but then actions speak louder than words

Dear father word will fail to express how much I love you

You are the one whom I really admire.

May god bless all of us with his love and wisdom.

Prof. Sunil V. Chaudhary

using blazers….. i guess?

Blazer is a type of …. hmmm jacket resembling a suit coat cut more casually, typically with metal buttons.  It is usually durable , as it is intended as an outdoor jacket. Stylistically, this  often are uniform garments, e.g. for airline, school, and yachting and rowing clubs.Generally distinguished from a sportcoat as a more formal garment and tailored from solid color fabrics.  Often made with naval-style metal buttons, reflecting their historic boating club association.

blazer, stripes, and navy pants…not usually into blazers, but I like the look of this one.