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Philips Notebook Speakers

Challenge sound barriers and inflate ear muffler prices while putting earphones out of business with blaring music or movie soundtracks emphasizing climatic scenes.

In darker times before fiber-optic cables and broadband internet, young teenagers had to endure the loud clanking noises of a dial-up modem, risking the wrath of sleeping parents to chat with friends late at night.

Philips Notebook Speakers are an excellent addition to any laptop as they, like parasites or a socially awkward friend, clip on and attach to any brand of compact computing; be it MAC or PC, creating need to switch from room to room while listening to their favorite piece of classical music or re-watching School of Rock. Sound amplifiers are lightweight, portable, and come with a handy carrying pouch so they can be conveniently concealed in bags and travel easily. Audiophiles who prefer their screens not looking like cyborg faces with noise producing ears, can also choose to keep their speakers standing alone, facing opposite directions or facing each other to create a vortex of sound.

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Music Teaching Resources Advance Strategies More Effectively

by layoly

Being a music teacher can be a challenging task. It involves a dose of time and effort to be spent on research, enhancement and upgrade in terms of your teaching strategies and methods. Since teaching and learning are both dynamic in nature, you as an educator must know how to advance your music teaching resources and techniques so as to become efficient and effective at all times.

In this article, you would be informed and updated with the latest resources and strategies on music teaching – suitable for all students from different walks of life. This also includes their corresponding benefits, advantages and corresponding approaches. Here they are:

Brainstorming among Students

This is a process that is designed for generating multiple ideas/options in which judgment is suspended until a maximum number of ideas have been made. Following generation of ideas, options are typically analyzed; the best solution is identified; and, a plan of action is developed.

Its advantages include:

* the active involvement of learners in higher levels of thinking;
* the promotion of peer learning and critical thinking; and,
* the creation of synergy, teamwork and cooperation.

To meet their sets of objectives, music teachers must use methods that would stimulate thinking, creativity, inquiry, and consensus. They should also provide clear instructions on how the process exactly works – ensuring that all students adhere to the rules.

Computer Simulation

In this context, such specific and practical examination, procedural training and data interpretation skills in realistic situations through the use of highly realistic computerized dummies and multimedia are utilized and applied accordingly to further teach particular music lessons.

Advantages of computer simulation are the following:

* Students can portray realistic situations, provide immediate feedback and inquiry, and most of all, can make use of such learning and acquisition in real life experiences.
* This also allows the learners to stay focused on such topic – eliminating irrelevant and unnecessary aspects.

Music educators must choose learning objectives that involve hands-on experience that can allow the students to have direct control and access to music technology. However, the faculty must be trained and equipped with such simulation skills so as to instruct the learners correspondingly and facilitate experiences and feedbacks accordingly.

Interactive Demonstrations and Games

These strategies pave way to activities where learners can observe how they are being done and administered in preparation to practical application. These may involve competitions, participations, drills and feedbacks into the learning experience as a motivating factor and a ground for application of principles.

It is really beneficial to both music educators and students to integrate such demo and games in the learning process. These help boost their self-confidence and broaden their attention span – targeting questions and answers. Such techniques also actively involve learners, regenerate motivation, provide challenges and express oneself while creating a fun learning environment.

These may be just some of the many effective music teachers’ resources and teaching strategies that are readily available online to help all music educators around the globe spread this message: Learning music is a rewarding and fun experience that can change and touch lives.


DC Music opens his new rehearsal, recording and production studio in Toronto

Steps away from the subway, and major highways, you can choose from their MID SIZE ROOMS, PREMIUM ROOMS and THE NEW D.C. MUSIC THEATRE.

Past Clients include: Finger Eleven, Holly Cole, Theory of a Dead Man, Hawksley Workman, New Found Glory, Justin Nozuka,  Crash Parallel, Bayside, Evans Blue, Six Shooter Records, Do Dat Ent., Black Box Rec. Coalition Ent., BLR Ent., Bravo Network, CTV, Underground Operations, MTV Canada, Rocket Face, Vespa Music, Oran Isaacs, Randy Cook, The Artist Life, Keepin 6,  Brown Brigade, Basia Lyjak, Today I Caught The Plague, No Official Capacity, and hundreds more.

D.c. Music offers the best rates for: Large clean acoustically treated rooms, brand new gear, heat/AC, cable TV and media lounge area, showers and more. Excellent creative environment and great friendly service at every jam.
All rooms and gear are very well kept. Tama, Yamaha, Mapex, Premier, D Drum, Sabian, Zyldjian, Messa, Marshall, Crate, Rivera, Peavey, SWR, Trace Eliot, Gallien Krueger, Traynor, Beringer, EV, Elite, Yorkville, Sure and AKG.
Lots of FREE parking available.
Record your jams and get a CD the same day!

D.C. Music’s RECORDING STUDIO is a NEWLY CONSTRUCTED digitally integrated facility that can accommodate any project. Whether its an album, demo or live off the floor pre production, producing, music editing, mixing and mastering, beat production, voice overs (ADR), foley, music for film and television, digital transferring, D.C. Music can take care of it all! They provide you with a wide range of options to suit your budget and purpose for recording. Record your next project for as low as 20 dollars an hour in a clean comfortable environment with experienced producer/engineers and up to date professional gear. Studio musicians and any equipment are available at your disposal.

D.C Music can take any project to the next level. Being Toronto’s only community environment and artist friendly resource center they are able to develop any artist in any aspect of their career…
REHEARSAL AND RECORDING STUDIOS, CONCERTS, ARTIST DEVELOPMENT, ARTIST MANAGEMENT AND LABEL. D.C. Music can give you the guidance and the right tools to get your music exposed. At D.C. Music you can expect the best quality for the best price. For more information visit Musician or call 416-234-0222.


D.c. Music Theatre Celebrates Two Years With A Three Day Music Festival

Etobicoke, On. –, 2010 – The D.C. Music Theatre is celebrating their two-year anniversary with a three-day music festival. The all ages festival is taking place on the Easter long weekend starting on Thursday April 1, 2010 and running through to April 3, 2010, at The D.C. Music Theatre (360 Munster Ave. Etobicoke On. M8Z 3C7). The event will start off with an indie night on the Thursday and a punk and metal night to follow, featuring StayleFish, Assassinate The Following, Caym, Polarity and many more.


It wasn’t to long ago when there was nowhere for independent bands to play in Etobicoke. For the past two years D.C. Music has been hard at work turning their production studio into a full out concert hall, giving a home for artists and music lovers to enjoy some great shows. “D.C. Music have been concert promoters for quite sometime now and we created a great stop for touring artists and local bands to showcase their talent to all the local concert goers in this area, and because we do all ages shows it gives the kids in this area a place to get exposed to some great music.” said Marco Mondano president,   ” We are really excited about our 3 day festival, and we want to invite everyone to come out, celebrate and have a great time with us.”

D.C. Music Theatre was constructed by the founders of D.C. Music, long time musicians and industry specialists Marco Mondano and Dom Curro, The 2500 sq ft room is nestled inside their studio complex, and designed to cater to rehearsals and tour pre production, recording, video and other media. “Bands like Finger Eleven, New Found Glory, Theory of a Deadman and so many more have all graced this room with their presence for some reason or another.” said Dom Curro. “We use this room for so many different purposes, but the real fun is turning this place into a concert hall giving the fans and bands a place to unite”

Doors for these shows open at 6:00 p.m. each night so come out celebrate and enjoy three great nights of music. For more information