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Philips Notebook Speakers

Challenge sound barriers and inflate ear muffler prices while putting earphones out of business with blaring music or movie soundtracks emphasizing climatic scenes.

In darker times before fiber-optic cables and broadband internet, young teenagers had to endure the loud clanking noises of a dial-up modem, risking the wrath of sleeping parents to chat with friends late at night.

Philips Notebook Speakers are an excellent addition to any laptop as they, like parasites or a socially awkward friend, clip on and attach to any brand of compact computing; be it MAC or PC, creating need to switch from room to room while listening to their favorite piece of classical music or re-watching School of Rock. Sound amplifiers are lightweight, portable, and come with a handy carrying pouch so they can be conveniently concealed in bags and travel easily. Audiophiles who prefer their screens not looking like cyborg faces with noise producing ears, can also choose to keep their speakers standing alone, facing opposite directions or facing each other to create a vortex of sound.

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