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A simple words to say….

Well even its not my birthday any more,

not my sissy joy and mean…

But the nearest to be a birthday blow out

is for Mean last May 10,

and our auntie garet just send us something to

buy this yummy foods…

thanks auntie garet….

you are the best….

more blessing to come… 🙂

Birthday Gift Baskets

I forgot my aunt birthday yesterday…. waaaaa… because of being busy at work I didn’t open my e-mail and facebook and my phone is in silent mode so I did not see the event. Although she is in other country right now, a simple greetings I think for her its ok but thats the problem I forgot it.

Next week she’s going home for her vacation I think I need to make up to her before she got huff on me.. hehehe. A simple belated presence maybe like those delicious fruits that is perfect to her diet which will be put in a Birthday Gift Baskets to look presentable and yummy. lol