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Having this is much better

Just 7 or 8 more days to go and Jingle belly are around every corners… Yes its Christmas time, the most awaited event every year. And because of that singing here and everywhere are surely present. Some people rented videoke’s to wait for the Christmas count down and singing there favorite songs is atmost. Or better yet have a microphone shield, no big deal just for beautification of your voice.. This things seems like gives you power to level up your singing ability. Make it happen now.

HCS rock!

Sometimes there are many ideas, suggestions and comments but what is really important? Others opinions or your own decisions. Hmmmm.. Well, you are the only one can answer it but for those people who are devoted and knows what is they really want no more questions and feedback. Just like owning a hcs. Have it just like others do. What matters is the enjoyment of having this one of a kind indeed.

Something nice

It’s month of September! Pretty sure I am not the only one excited about the coming of “ber” months.. Just a glimpse and December comes very fast.  And getting ready for your gifts is already started..  Coz time comes fast as fast as dave smith tempest. You should have one of this now before you feel sorry for yourself or for your love ones..