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Firts Class Fashionista Competes In The Fashion And Entertainment News Industry

Launched in November of 2007 as a creative outlet for a stay-at-home mom obsessed with the latest fashions and the celebrity lifestyle, First Class Fashionista has been uniquely designed for today’s fashionista.

What is First Class Fashionista? Our working definition: First Class Fashionista is a celebrity lifestyle, fashion and entertainment news blog and discounted designer fashions shopping portal. “It is where you can get the latest entertainment news while you shop for your favorite designer fashions and save.”

Has First Class Fashionista been recognized in its field? To our credit, First Class Fashionista was recently featured on Killerstartups and Startupmeme as the source to find out everything you need to know about celebrities and the absolute hottest fashions. *Read excerpts below.

“This site was specially designed in order to provide a very exclusive service. This is a fashion portal where you will have the chance to get all the information you need about celebrities’ lifestyle, in addition to fashion and entertainment gossip (Killerstartups, May, 2009).”

First Class Fashionista is an online fashion portal that provides a one stop information base for anything associated to fashion. Plus it also provides you with the ins and out of what your favorite celebrity’s lifestyle is, as well as all the gossips associated to the entertainment section (Startupmeme, June, 2009).”

“The SIME Awards were created in 1996 to honor excellence in online communication, business practice and technology, recognize the individuals and organizations responsible and inspire the Internet industry of the North to world-class performance. SIME Awards shall contribute to an improvement of the creative and businesslike standards and expose the industry to potential clients…

Companies with innovation in their DNA that puts into use cross-media platform / interactive media, and have a working product / technology are quite good enough to make it into the awards draw. This year we plan to find those interesting companies, and short list the nominees (number to be confirmed) who will then be given all the PR and publicity before the actual SIME Stockholm (November 11-12).”

Who is our targeted audience? Our target audience is individuals who are interest in fashion and the celebrity lifestyle. Below are our visitor stats.

What are our demographics?

Visitors Stats:

61% Female
66% Age 12 to 34 years old
46% College Graduates
45% Earning ,000-,000 Annually
55k Unique Visitors Monthly
184k Page Views Monthly

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The promise…Created, written, managed and maintained by everyday women; First Class Fashionista’s online celebrity lifestyle, fashion & entertainment news journal promises to be a dependable leading source that will heighten and peak your entertainment interest and knowledge.

Entertainment News Providing Extensive Information about Films and Television Industry

Indian entertainment industry is a rapid growing industry, which is growing at the rate of 18% and reached Rs 450 billion in the year 2009. The reason behind the popularity of entertainment industry is the fact that people in India are really passionate about the work and people involved in the entertainment industry. Unlike other countries this is the biggest source of entertainment in India, as people mostly rely on films and television to attain entertainment. In other countries people have different interest and they get involve in various sports and other activities for attaining entertainment. Thus, in India people have great interest in reading and listening about entertainment industry. Thus the entertainment news is always the highlighting factor of daily news. The entire leading news paper and news channel have a separate segment for entertainment, in which they cover all the latest news and happening of the entertainment industry.

People tend to love the spicy gossips that are telecasted on these news channels as they provide every detail about the reel and real life of the stars bringing us much closer to them. The charisma and charm of these film personalities are such that people become blind followers of them and are passionate to know more and more about them. People blind attraction towards these people has helped news channels and newspapers to earn enormously by showing more and more entertainment news and stories. The news and stories about our favourite stars just keep us stick to the television and newspaper, as they provide us with current happenings going on in their life.

There are several things about these people that keep us interested in them and in the news that are based on them. Thus entertainment news in India is very much popular that showcase all the latest gossip about their personal and professional life. Right from the launch of a movie and music album to the release of the movies, everything generates huge interest of the common man in India. Today not only Bollywood but also television industry has become an integrated part of the entertainment industry. Television fever has really caught up with the masses and people love to hear about television celebrities also that have make a mark in this field.

The rise of many news channel and news related sites clearly indicate that today people are very much interested in knowing the latest happening going around and especially if the news is of entertainment field then people are more inclined towards it. Catering to the entertainment news requirement of people in India, a website that provides extensive news about all the latest happening of entertainment industry is http://www.in.com/news/entertainment-news.html. One can avail different entertainment news, which is sure to be latest and entertaining.

Lilly Allen is in the doghouse with her record label. It seems the singer gave a copy of a cover song to a radio show host to play on his weekly New York show. The reason EMI is unhappy is because the played song is a cover of the Britney Spears track, Womanizer, and listeners stole the Lilly Allen version and put it all over the internet. Whoops, is right. Gossip around town points that J-Lo and hubbie Marc Anthony are having marital issues. Jennifer got spotted without her wedding ring, Marc hit the town in Vegas alone AND their 8.5-million-dollar Bel Air is up for grabs. However, on the record, the couple’s publicist commented that they are doing great. Whitney Houston’s stepmother is suing the singer over the wishes of Houston’s deceased father. According to reports, the stepmom, Barbara Houston, is claiming that the singer erroneously kept the money from her dad’s 1-million-dollar insurance policy instead of using it to pay-off the more than 700-thousand-dollar mortgage on his condo. Barbara currently resides in the residence and neither sides lawyers have commented on the case.