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Music is so pleasant to the ears most especially love songs.  But of course Music cannot be truly complete without the help of different kinds of Music instruments like Piano, guitars, and Drums. We can give the music more alive with the combination of instruments. So, if you are looking for the best instruments like drums feel free to drop by here: because you are on the right site.

Language of love: To all the Moms Happy Mothers day

Her touch brings smile to my face,

Her thoughts are now my wisdom,

Our love for each other is immortal,

Her memories are my strength,

She is my guru, my god and my world,

She is my mother.

When I touch her feet to get blessings I feel as if I am near to god.

God could not always be with us and maybe that’s why he made mother.

We have promised before holy fire that we are for each other for not only this birth but for seven other births

I cannot see my world without her

She is my happiness, she is my joy, she is my love, she is my wife and she is my life

I don’t know how much I love her but I cannot visualize life without her

She is soul of my home and her presence energizes my family and my home

She is home maker, she is a professional but before that she is my love, she is my life and she is my wife

Love needs no words, no expression, love happens and when it happens it makes you selfless before your love.

He is the foundation of my family

He is the courage, he is the strength and he is strong pillar of my home

He taught me to become brave, to become tough and not to fear any challenge of life

He is selfless he is hard working he is tough but then he has a soft heart which cares for me and which loves me

He cannot express his love but then actions speak louder than words

Dear father word will fail to express how much I love you

You are the one whom I really admire.

May god bless all of us with his love and wisdom.

Prof. Sunil V. Chaudhary

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Launched in November of 2007 as a creative outlet for a stay-at-home mom obsessed with the latest fashions and the celebrity lifestyle, First Class Fashionista has been uniquely designed for today’s fashionista.

What is First Class Fashionista? Our working definition: First Class Fashionista is a celebrity lifestyle, fashion and entertainment news blog and discounted designer fashions shopping portal. “It is where you can get the latest entertainment news while you shop for your favorite designer fashions and save.”

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First Class Fashionista is an online fashion portal that provides a one stop information base for anything associated to fashion. Plus it also provides you with the ins and out of what your favorite celebrity’s lifestyle is, as well as all the gossips associated to the entertainment section (Startupmeme, June, 2009).”

“The SIME Awards were created in 1996 to honor excellence in online communication, business practice and technology, recognize the individuals and organizations responsible and inspire the Internet industry of the North to world-class performance. SIME Awards shall contribute to an improvement of the creative and businesslike standards and expose the industry to potential clients…

Companies with innovation in their DNA that puts into use cross-media platform / interactive media, and have a working product / technology are quite good enough to make it into the awards draw. This year we plan to find those interesting companies, and short list the nominees (number to be confirmed) who will then be given all the PR and publicity before the actual SIME Stockholm (November 11-12).”

Who is our targeted audience? Our target audience is individuals who are interest in fashion and the celebrity lifestyle. Below are our visitor stats.

What are our demographics?

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The promise…Created, written, managed and maintained by everyday women; First Class Fashionista’s online celebrity lifestyle, fashion & entertainment news journal promises to be a dependable leading source that will heighten and peak your entertainment interest and knowledge.